Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Bombcosmetics - a honest review and Lush comparison

Bomb, bomb, bomb yes that alternative to Lush Bombcosmteics. I’ve been racking my brain over when I first came across the brand which I first wrote about in 2012. For those that have never heard of Bombcosmetics they make divine smelling bath bombs, candles and soaps at a more affordable prices than Lush. 

When I first wrote about them I wasn't impressed with the quality or scent pay off of the products so I thought three years later I thought it was high time I gave them a second and final chance. Im sure the OH will appreciate it if I'm a convert.

So the store, unlike lush their is no lovely face scrubs, big blocks of soap, light airy spaces or any of the in store demonstrations we are all used to seeing. Instead I was greater with plastic wrapped bath bombs, ready portioned soaps, candles in metal jars and big sale preprinted sale signs not the experience I'm used to. However I continued on my attempts at smelling some of the bath bombs choosing two a raspberry ripple bath blasters and one shaped as a grenade with no name. 

The OH used the hand grenade shaped one and his input is it was ok nothing special…….Men!! So onto the raspberry ripple we have a rather small bath at the moment so i rarely put a whole one in however in the interest of a good review I popped the whole bomb into my warm bath water, it gave a good fizz and I could smell the scent wafting up which was nice. On getting into the water it did feel lovely and soft if a little oily. The scent stayed around for the duration of my bath and left my skin lovely and soft. The only negative I can say for it is the little bits in the bottom of my bath which you don't get with Lush. 

Onto the candles I picked up Very Berry a baby pink candle with super cute little red hearts, ill be honest the little heart drew me in and to look at these are my favourite candles of the moment. With a candle I like a really good scent pay off even if it is at the expense of a long burn time. This didn't disappoint the scent of raspberry, fresh fruits and grapes filled the kitchen yet wasn't over powering defiantly a competitor to my beloveded Yankees!!! You can also get these in some collectables which is a bonus considering how disappointing our local store was. 

Finally I picked up to guest soaps (I only put out block soaps when we have visitors), I got Planet rock soap (right) which has a very strange scent its very perfume but has been a hit with the men. Our other choice was Candy Moon which is a very feminine scent with oranges, lemon and jasmine one of the few bar soaps I enjoyed using. 

Overall i’ll likely be ordering some more candles and guest soaps through the website however unless I find another store I doubt Illl be back it just left me total disappointed and kinda felt like a little corner shop with everything crammed in. Now off to Lush to stock up on bath bombs as Bombscosmetics just don't come close :) 

Happy bath time 



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