Monday, 12 January 2015

Banishing the "new mum" skin

Firstly long time no speak........this being a mum thing is time consuming you no!!!! 14 months after he was born I finally think it's time to revive this blog. Now I'd like to say don't expect perfect photos one of things stopping me posting was I simply don't have the time stage "blogger" quality photographs before my Iittke toddler runs off with what I was photographing!!! 

On with today's post 

Since having ds my skin has lacked that pregnancy glow and was looking dull, scaly and well unkept to the point my make up no longer hid the issues. A trip to boots was long over due so I though I'd show you today's purchases 

Trusty scrub of your life with the hevanly soap and glory scent is one of the harshes body scrubs I have tried (I like a strong scrubs) perfect! 

Next up was a new purchase botanical microdermabrasion polish in radiant youth. The only way I can describe this is little particles of sand in a smooth nourishing lotion which was scentless. Although a little painfull it has left my skin feeling fresh and delt with the scallyness. Win win definatly a recommendation from me that's for sure. 

Now if you want a laugh the only face lotion I could find in the house was this old faithful. 

Think another trip to boots is required