Friday, 12 June 2015

A little update - broken MacBook :(

So I was going to do a lovely clothing haul for my little boy but then we had a little accident involving my MacBook, coffee, a toddler and the other half. Needles to say my track pad currently doesn't work and the repair costs are just totally unfeasible so until pay day comes round I have been using a little app called remote mouse on my iphone to control the laptop making editing a video rather challenging. Until we get a new laptop I thought I would write a little wordy blog about our life events over the last few weeks, if anyone wants any further posts just let me know in the comments below. 

Zach christening 

We deliberately left getting our son christened until he was old enough to at least know something was going on and enjoy the after party. For the day I picked out a super cute next suit in blue with a blue and pink tie. Our son spent the majority of the time enjoying the out door play area and im glad to say just like all his other Next clothing held up really well. Hes a little picture of my boys sorry it isn't great but the mouse issue also means I only have iPhone pictures. 


We have decided to give our garden a little makeover, don't get we wrong we aren't rich people and only have a small 3 bedroom semi at the moment however our garden in comparison with the house size is rather huge as we have a bigger plot than the 4 bedroom detaches in our street! Back on track ill stop rambling we decided to start turning it into a play park for zachary. On the left we had an overgrown mess of 7 large bushes which had all inter winded to great  mess that took 10 yes 10 skip runs to get to the tip, however as you can see our son loves it and im sure I will have other pictures to share with you guys as we get more done. 

The other halfs birthday 

We had a simple bar crawl just the two of us which was a perfect catch up, this is a selfie at the start of the night. 

Have fun weekend guys unfortunately i'm working weekend nights so wont have many up dates for you. 

Vicky x

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