Monday, 25 May 2015

The big clothes sizing issue - Riversiland skirts

Well hello there long time no see, totally my fault I know. So we had our little mans christening this weekend and I had a nightmare to find a skirt which fit which I thought I would share with you. I am a perfect size 12 (miss my size 8 body but one disastrous c-section later it isn't coming back). My top was a 12 from Lipsy which are usually small fitting however the skirt was a whole different storey. I always pick up a selection of sizes since having him to take in the changing room on this occasion I was glad I did. 

Below is the three skirts I picked up all of a similar stye however those are the skirts which fit from left to right Size10,14,12. 

My simple question is why do you do this shops I want to be able to pick up my size and no it will fit, I want to take in a selection of clothes not one item in three size!! I understand different styles have different sizes however these are a lll stretchy skirts in the same material. Sort it out please river island.

Much love 


P.s Any tips on this changing room selfie thing I can get my face (filter free) however the outfit part has me totally beat.


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