Tuesday, 7 January 2014

then and now: green trousers 2014

We all love an indulge in the spring previews just after christmas however are you left wondering how will I wear that now! Well in this mini series im going to show you how to take a spring item and wear not only then but now. Excited? Great! Lets begin with bright green trousers.
then and now: green trousers 2014

Right now the thought of pairing these with white (the outfit suggestion the store used) sends shivers down my spine, give me a jumper please). However add that black jumper from your wardrobe (the one you have lived in all winter) some black flats, chuck on your trusty statement watch and grab the bowler bag = one simple way to bring the trousers into winter.

Come summer time I will be pairing these with a basic white cami keeping the jewellery simple so my jewelled shies can do all the talking.

Enjoy your day and happy shopping

Vicky x

P.s both of these outfit would work with the floral trousers from my summer brights outfit.  

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